Berrilys Organic Fruit Bar Variety Pack

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  • TOTALLY ORGANIC - Our Berrilys Organic Fruit bars are perfect for that midday snack to keep you going until dinner. Made from only the finest organic ingredients and with no pesticides, additives or preservatives, these amazing bars are not only great for you, but are great for the planet as well.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR - If you are looking for a healthy alternative to all those fatty chips and additive filled candy bars then look no further. Our bars are completely plant based so are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans alike. They are also USDA organic certified so you can be confident that what goes into each bars is 100 percent organic and natural.
  • GREAT FOR ALL THE FAMILY - Berrilys fruit bars also make perfect lunchbox snacks for kids. While other kid’s snacks are often filled with unnecessary sugars, flavorings and colorings, our fruit bars are totally natural with no added sugar. We feel Mother Nature is sweet enough already.
  • JUST WHAT YOU NEED - By choosing our bars, you can feel safe in the knowledge that, while your kids are loving the great taste, they are getting a healthy boost of calcium and iron as well as up to 25 percent of their daily recommended intake of fiber from a single bar.